Romantic Thought

INNOCENCE is not just for kids

Antoine De Exupery, author of the most beloved children’s story, “The Little Prince.” was an advocate for romantic thought.

We currently have experienced a shift in the way that we process social, emotional, learning. Public school is struggling to get children on task and keep them on task in the classroom. I am starting a 501c3 that advocates for Romantic, Total-systems thought. We make the bold claim that genius is as common as dirt, you just need to learn to bring out the best in people.


Thought Bubble Chess Club


We  help bring out the best in people by rejecting “Us vs Them” binary thinking. While healthy society thrives on “Dangerous Places”. Chess is a game played with someone, not against them.


At the heart of romantic thought is the sacrifice. “The Immortal Game” is about risk tolerance and seizure of opportunity. To love at all costs, to love your enemy.


Our dynamic programs, help build community that society desperately needs. People are lives that need to be unfolded, not products to be molded.