I started this online presence several years ago for my take on bubble love. I brand my take on bubble love with using chess as a persona. There are other bubble guys out there, one of them is called Don Black with Joyful Bubbles. He started the craft about 6 or 7 years ago, while his wife was fighting cancer. He has a crew and travels all over the country going to hippy festivals. Another bubble guy goes by the name of Larry Ripp (the bubble barron), he also travels around and is based in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. I have the dream of inventing a new sub-culture by combining bubbleology with chess club. I call it “Thought Bubble Chess Club”. I have struggled with how to promote this idea, since I have strong feelings about people and their relationship with their devices. Both bubbles and chess tend to be things you do as a hobby and it is hard to monetize it, get paid. I work as a substitute teacher and like to talk about how being around children helps me be a better bubbleologist, and promoting my take on the craft by combining it with chess club. I consider it to be an expression of my spirituality, and I have some unique ideas about human consciousness and spirituality.

I have struggled with my personal story, and how much of that I share, as well as how that relates to my art. Most people see spirituality as something that is marginalized and strictly private. I come from a very historic town with a haunted theater, and I am a cultural historian of cultural psychopathy. I subscribe to the idea that everyone has multiple personalities, and that you can reclaim yourself if you admit this, and embrace it. This is what I would compare to integrating the shadow, in Jungian depth psychology. I see the chess/ bubble connection as the combination of quantum physics and mystic psychology.

I recently was accepted to be an exhibitor at a festival devoted to Leonardo Davinci. I am very interested in many aspects of his story as a functional creator. One of the schools I work in has combined art with stem. They call it steam. (Science, technology, engineering, arts, math.) I hopefully will be able to market my take on bubble love to schools and be able to help finance my 2023 summer of bubble love. 

I am getting back into the desire to develop my online persense, I think I might keep it brief for right now. If anyone is intereted in having one on one discussion, that would be great. 

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