We are “Going Pro”, I recently read the book called the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. In his book he explains this as when you overcome resistance and self-sabotage to break free and get serious about your art. You treat it like a full time job. It is when you make a commitment to be a contributor to society and deliver what it is your life mission to do. I am the chess bubble guy. There are many bubble guys, but I am the first to base mine on combining it with chess. I am also into music. I imagine many uses for the combination of monster bubbles and chess. I believe there is a powerfull synergy between the two. Me and my new learning family are going to Lacrosse for 5 days to share what we do at their legendary 4th of July celebration. I hope that riverfest will let us share what we do. I am also learning sony vegas pro 18 video editing software. I am operating as an LCC and I am in the process of becoming a registered fund raiser for non-profits. Soliciting sound so evil, “acting as to induce or entice others to act to their detriment.” We bring our own interesting take on Bubble Love. I am trying to specialize making bubble art appeal to young adults. My wife handles the family friendly events. Thanks for all who helped us get this far! I am interested to see what we can make happen in the next week…

Rainbow treasure
June 29, 2021 at the trailer park.


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