Personal matters are strictly private and it is generally considered distasteful to talk about a family court case. I was brutalized in family court for not only doing this, but also accusing the family court system of being corrupt. I was part of a closed religious community for many years. We had differences, and I choose to openly criticize them. I claimed that my wife committed Judicare fraud to get revenge on their behalf. The court system decided that this claim was meritless, even though I have evidence that they were doctoring the official court transcript to cover up the fact that it seems they are complicit in helping religiously persecuting me by ending my relationship with my shared children. I came to the conclusion that I cannot get justice in family court and I should not waste my time trying to appeal. I was living the American dream for years, but it felt like a tomb. I guess when you have kids, your life ends. I wanted to form a community building endeavor that did all the things a church is supposed to without scaring people away with the name of Jesus. I feel like I am, too secular for the Christian World and too Christian for the secular world. I made several YOUtube videos openly rebuking the family court system, since then I have taken them out of public circulation. I have been trying to focus on taking one day at a time, since the end of the final contested hearing. Me and my wife had money problems and an argument about where to go to church. She got a state funded lawyer to represent her, I had to pay for mine. After wasting 5k and getting nowhere, I decided to be my own lawyer. Over the next several months I tried to get any sort of relief, and they did try to help me get better time with my children. I was deeply offended that I could not get back 50% of my legal custody that I was tricked out of. Now, my wife gets to keep my shared children from me and she gets to use this community to further distance me from my children. I have a heart of gold for my children and it has been so hard suffering for over a year being kept from them. Now that I have lost hope that I will ever get justice, I feel like an insect. My wife’s attorney and the guardian ad litem were so mean in court and it seemed like they liked making a fool out of me; they thought it was funny that my relationship with my two beautiful daughters was ending? It is really ironic, since my wives lawyer is going to be the new judge? She says in her ad for campaigning for judge that she is dedicated to fairness? However, as a lawyer she is only dedicated to securing her clients rights at all costs. Among other things, I am court ordered to get a “real job.”, besides running my 501c3 bubble/chess non-profit. I am restricted from using pictures or videos of my shared children in YOUtube videos. My protest is that I am unjustly being kept from my shared children. People normally only get removed from their kids lives for physical or sexual abuse. Emotional abuse is not grounds for ending a fathers relationship, and I claimed that the insanity claims were just my rights to exercise religious freedom. My YOUtube channel is devoted to sharing things I would like my daughters to know since I will probably miss out on most of their growing up. I would like to start a support group for other parents that are suffering from parental alienation syndrome. You can show support by subscribing to my YOUtube channel, “Thought Bubble Chess Club”. Thanks.

Money takes the magic out of it…

When I do my monster bubble street art people have a variety of responses. Some people want to know what I but in my solution. Sometimes I give them a sassy answer, “a whole lot of love.” It is actually just soap and water, with some additives. It is hard to sell bubbles or market a service where you get paid to entertain people with soap and water. You cannot objectively discuss bubbles, you must experience them.

In the creative age, everyone wants your attention and everyone has something to sell. People can see reactions and immediately see it as a hit. Monster Bubble Street art is music for the eyes. I would like it to be the new skateboard. Rather than try to protect my formula I would rather make it public (open source). There are many people who entertain others with, “bubbleology”. I am the first to propose a club that combines a chess club that also is a organization devoted to emotional health. Chess is considered by many to be an ego driven competitive pastime. I have the simple belief that bubbles and chess share a synergy, kind of like combining a 501c3 with a YOUtube channel.

Jello biafra’s band “The Dead Kennedys” put out an album “IN GOD WE TRUST, INC”(1981).  The b-side of the audio cassette says, “Home taping is killing record industries profits, we left this side blank, so you could help.” I plan on using my media to document my journey in trying to form my organization. THOUGHT BUBBLE CHESS CLUB. It see art as not so much as a business, but a war. In order to know more of this idea, read Stephen Pressfields book, “The War of Art.” 

When people would ask me about making bubbles a business I would simply say, “Money takes the magic out of it.” This is because I subscribe to paradoxical thought. CS Lewis was quoted saying, “the difference between evil magic and a miracle, is paying the price.” Money ruins everything. That is why we are priceless. We don’t sell out, because we have no price. Here is the formula. 4 gallons distilled water, 40 ounces dawn dish soap, 14g J-lube, 60 ounces diluted citric acid 0.05% solution. clean bucket.


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